A busy fall..

It was a busy fall season with several more extended stand by jobs both locally and out of state. We’re looking forward to going down to Iowa in December to do some refresher training with the Large Ice Cream Manufacturing Company in-plant rescue team. That’s always a good time with a good group of people! We also may have a considerable amount of work inside some of the tunnels under Minneapolis and St. Paul. Stay warm and stay safe everyone…

Week two

Happy Labor Day. We have started week 2 of three weeks of standbys at ethanol plants. This week we are in south west Minnesota. The skies are bright blue, not a cloud in sight and the temps are 50s with a nice cool breeze. Great weather for having to be in gear. Where was this last week when we were in Nebraska and the temps where in the high 90s and the dew points were way up there.
Slow day with few confined space entries. Our thoughts are on what in this little town on Labor Day will be open for dinner.
Enjoy your Labor Day and stay safe.