Angled Highline/Telpher Line

In situations where technical rescue crews and equipment are required, Rescue Resources has the equipment, as well as highly qualified and experienced technical rescue teams.

Our team is comprised of professional, confident specialists that meet or exceed OSHA operational and knowledge requirements. Our team understands that special attention to details is the foundation and building blocks of successful rescue and medical operations. Our rescue technicians have years of education and experience in emergency services and understand the best practices of risk management.

We are an aggressive technical rescue team that continually trains to improvise, adapt, and overcome in the full spectrum of environmental conditions, twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty-five days a year.

We have an ongoing and particularly grueling training program that blends
emergency medicine and technical rescue.
Rescuer entering a Confined Space on a Tripod

Our personnel are properly equipped and always on the cutting edge.
We maintain our inventory of rescue and medical equipment in optimal condition; far surpassing the requirements of OSHA standards.

We serve:

  • Media productions (motion pictures, television, commercials, music videos and documentaries)
  • Industry/Business
  • Event planners (sporting events, automobile racing, concerts and large gatherings)
  • Local Government
Transformer Rescue